talk about crazy

Vicki Evans dreams big—ridiculously, nonsensically big—she knows no other way.  She lives, eats, works and rarely sleeps to support her creative endeavours, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

She has been paper crafting and card making since finger painting was high art and macaroni on Bristol board was all the rage.

Since June 2012, blogging as That Crazy Chick, we have seen her presenting recipe templated, step-by-step photo tutorials of the projects she makes.

Process and technique are catalysts for her creativity; she considers herself a paper artist and crafty technician.  There is an impulsive desire to explore and understand things; how they play and work together, or not, to get the most out of products and materials. 

If there is an opportunity to be challenged or challenging, she is willing to put her stamp on it (figuratively and) literally.

She makes cards, cakes, foods, costumes and other random things; for events, for occasions, for people—she plays tag for herself.

The things Vicki makes tell stories, either whimsically fabricated or deeply personal.  Those who have had the opportunity to spent time with ‘that crazy’ know which ones are which.
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