Creative Chem 102

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Creative Chemistry 102
once, twice, thrice & again (again)

Many of the techniques in this class took trial-and-error to get the effect I believed I was trying for - good thing I was making 4 of everything from the outset. For posterity, I've kept each attempt here; you will see that some are better than others. As a side note some went well the first time and I had difficulty replicating it, and some it took till the fourth (colour pallet) tag to feel a sense of mastery (the ability to replicate it again). 

Time:  Many Days

Yield:  100+ – #8 Tags

Wet Ingredients (for all pallets):

  • Ink – Archival Black
  • Mixative – Snow Cap
  • Paint – Acrylic Snow Cap, Rock Candy Crackle Paint
  • Stain – Distress Picket Fence

 Colour Pallet #1

Festive Berries, Scattered Straw, Seedless Preserves
  (Metallic Accent – Copper)

Colour Pallet #2

Peeled Paint, Salty Ocean, 7Vintage Photo
 (Metallic Accent – Blue, Copper & Pearl)

Colour Pallet #3
Antique Linen, Brushed Corduroy, Walnut Stain
(Metallic Accent – Gold/s)


Colour Pallet #4

Black Soot, Iced Spruce, Pumice Stone
 Metallic Accent – Pewter, Silver)

Dry Ingredients:

  • Tags: #8 Black, Kraft & Manila Tags
  • Cardstock: Core’dinations Adirondack & Kraft-Core
  • Chalk
  • Distress Embossing Powder –Antique Linen, Black Soot, Pumice Stone, Vintage Photo
  • Embossing Powder – Clear, Frosted Crystals, Metallic (Copper, Gold & Silver), Sticky, UTEE
  • Foil Sheets
  • Glossy Paper
  • Glitter – Rock Candy
  • Grungeboard
  • Hardware - Bookplates
  • Metal Leafing
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Tinsel Twine (silver)
  • Vinyl (black)


  • Dies – Tag & Bookplates
  • Stamps – Assorted
  • Stencils – Assorted




  1. Thank you,this is sooooo helpful seeing all this. I am thinking of doing these classes and this is great to see what sort of techniques you are creating. Wonderful blog!


  2. These are all awesome. Again...and again!

  3. I really like the methodology you used in choosing four color palettes and working all the way through them. I did several of the techniques in multiples, but not with this deliberation. May have to back and do some more. thanks as always for sharing.


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