wild honey

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Wild Honey

 Yield: 1 – #8 Tag

Wet Ingredients:

Ink – Alcohol Mushroom; Archival Wild Honey

Other – Collage Medium (matte); Distress Crackle; Distress Texture Paste; Embossing Dabber; Gesso (black)

Paint – Distress Ground Espresso, Wild Honey; White

Dry Ingredients:

Tag – #8 Etcetera Tag

Embossing – Distress Glaze Wild Honey

Hardware – Machine Heads

Other – Remnant Rubs (Specimen)


Other – Collage Brush, Craft Pick, Heat Tool, Media Mat, Palette Knife, Remnant Rub Tool, Steel Wool, Sticky Grid

Stamps/Stencils – Block Numbers, Documented


In the years before Fossilized Amber (which gets my attention A LOT), Wild Honey was my ‘go to’ yellow in the distress palette.  This release has me remembering why I still love this colour so much.  














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  1. that finished result blows my mind. I need would have thought to cover the entire surface of the tag with the Embossing Glaze. Gratefully you did because it is spectacular!

  2. Golden magic. Now I see wild honey in a new light. The glaze looks extraordinary on to of all your textures and details.


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