Destination: 50°, 114°

Thursday, July 16, 2015

It is a wonderful moment; 
when you first realize a path 
you started down has taken you 
somewhere you never expected to be,
 and you end up more contented 
with your efforts spent 
because the journey getting there 
was so much fun! 

My faux plastic dust jacket is inspired by a Travel Journal made by Richele Christensen back in 2013 (see it here).  I've loved this distress paint-ed plastic technique from the moment I first saw it. 

Destination: 50°, 114°

Time: still in progress
Yield:  1 – re-“configurations”-ed worn cover
Wet Ingredients:
  • Ink – Alcohol Mushroom, Slate;  Archival Jet Black, Red Geranium, Distress Hickory Smoke, Old Paper, Tumbled Glass, Weathered Wood, Walnut Stain
  • Other – Blending Solution, Glossy Accents, Matte Glue n’ Seal (it is holding everything together), Mixative-Snow Cap
  • Paint - Dina Wakley Medium Umber; Distress Barn Door, Old Paper, Tumbled Glass
  • Spray Stain – Distress Old Paper, Tumbled Glass, Walnut Stain
  • Stain – Distress Hickory Smoke, Weathered Wood, Walnut Stain
Dry Ingredients:
  • Mini Configuration Book, Worn Cover (diary)
  • Cardstock – Black, Paper Stash Correspondence; Pocket Pieces; Textured Surfaces (cork)
  • Hardware – #7 (scrapyard find), Adornments (Arrow), Binder Ring, Compass Coin, Corked Vials, Game Spinner, Jumbo Eyelets, Long Fasteners, Mini Numerals, Nail Head Trinkets, Philosophy Tag, Remnant Rubs (Botanical, Life Quotes, Special Delivery, Words), Swivel Clasp, T-Pins, Time Pieces, Type Token, Wishbones (jar)
  • Other – Adhesive Sheets, Big Chat, Designer Tape (Passport), Foam Board, Index Labels, Shrink Plastic, Small Talk, Tissue Tape (Elements, Laboratorie, Sketchbook, Traveler), Wonder Tape (1/8)
  • Ribbon – Jute String
  • Dies –  Handwritten Journey, Tag Collection, Tiny Tabs & Tags, Torn Notebook
  • Embossing Folder - Compass
  • Stamps – Documented, Simple Sayings

I am honoured to be back again (again, again) as a Guest Guide for A Vintage Journey.  July is vacation month for us (as much of it a as possible) and is the one month I'm never sure I will have a chance to make Tim's tag (and if that's the biggest problem I is pretty good!).  Our summer  Destination is the wilderness; time away from everything, mountain air, a tent, and lots of food cooked over a fire. I don't often take picture of where we are or what we are doing - much too "in the moment" to step back and capture it - but we do collect little mementos and I decided I would make something to hold these 'treasures'.

I knew was going to make a mini configurations book, so I purchased one back in May.  In June I started to collect (on my desk) all the pieces I thought I might like to use for this project.  One of the earliest things I had selected was the Compass texture fade, a perfect symbol for travel, adventure and guided exploration; it was also the first thing I eliminated when I was unwrapping the plastic from the mini configurations book - the size was all wrong and it didn't seem to fit anywhere...but I couldn't let it go. So, I put it down, and picked it up, and put it down, and picked it up and put it down, and...














































  1. Absolutely brilliant!!! I totally love everything about this!!! A great photo tutorial and such a fabulous idea! I love how the little tags fit just perfectly into one of the compartments, the other additions are wonderful too and the correspondence paper is just perfect for this kind of project. A truly fantastic project! Have fun on your little place of Paradise, it sounds like an incredible place, and thanks so much for sharing this with us at AVJ!!

  2. Wow! I absolutely love this piece. Love the use of Tims embossing folder on the front, that's fabulous! Love the tutorial too. Karen.x

  3. This is a GREAT piece!! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!!! Gotta love this one......

  4. Amazing travel journal, I love it! What a wonderful way to keep all the memories of your perfect vacation at your finger tips. Hope you are having a wonderful time in the shadow of the Rockies, your idea of paradise is exactly the same as ours, must be a Canadian thing :O) Thanks for sharing your wonderful project and congratulations on being chosen as a guest designer at AVJ. Deb

  5. Love what you have done to this journal. The cover just beautiful, and the configuration boxes on the inside fantastic!

  6. FABULOUS!! See, this is why you are an AVJ Pinworthy Guest over and over and over again!! This is a FAB travel journal!!! Enjoy your time disconnected in the wilderness!! That sounds GREAT to me!! XOXO-Shari

  7. WOW.... I thought for a moment that Tim created a smaller configuration book.... What a fabulous idea using a worn cover and extra boxes! I have not seen the paint and plastic technique before and now I plan on giving it a try straight away! One QUESTION for you - where did you get that awesome large 7???? Beautiful project!

    1. Kat, I procured the "7" from a local (to me) store, the ScrapYard. I wrote about this amazing place in my 100th blog post back in June.


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