My First CHA

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My First CHA & My First CHA Giveaway

Today I am sharing some photos showing my projects from the CHA Mega Show this past January. This was the first CHA event I had ever attended: not only was fortunate enough to be there, it was the first time I had projects being displayed as well. I had been asked to make cards for Tim’s space in the Ranger booth for Idea-ology (4), as well the Sizzix booth (2) and unexpectedly ended up with a couple more in the Idea-ology booth.  Tim, Paula, Richele & Mario your kind (and encouraging) words, enthusiasm and support made this a wonderful experience - Thank you all.

CHA for me was a massive hands-on sneak-a-peek. I took a lot of classes; starting with 2 days at Prima's Artventure (6 lcasses over two days) followed by an all day Ranger-a-thon on Friday and then Saturday, Sunday and Monday I collected samples of products and completed every make-and-take I could on the show floor as well as a couple more classes and a the Paper Arts Make & Take Exchange (yes, I had to pay for overweight luggage on my flight home).  The hardest part for me since coming home, having seen and touched all these new, and exciting things for real, is waiting for them to arrive on the store shelves. I'm not very good at waiting...patience has never been my strong suit.

It wasn’t easy to take grand sweeping photos of the entire booths as they were congested with people watching the demos, making the make and takes and ogling the display racks of new products and the samples that supported them. These are photos the display vignettes followed by photos of my cards, I hope you enjoy my CHA.

Idea-ology section of the Ranger booth

I love the die-cut frosted film over the fragment on this one.

Left side of the Idea-ology booth 
(love the collectibles, especially those collars)

Right side of the Idea-ology booth 
(I love Paula & Richele's wallpapered panel)

Above is a link to Tim's Periscope tour of the Sizzix booth, 
it was preserved by iGirlZoe and her husband (others videos are available on her youtube channel you click the link in her name).

 I am forever grateful that I got to see this clip.

I have a tutorial in the works for this typewriter card.  I am just waiting (impatiently...) for the last few pieces to arrive so I can finish it.  If there are others you are interested in seeing let me know; if there is enough interest i'll be putting more tutorials together.

Thank you all for your continued support.


The winners from My return from CHA giveaway!
you can see the lotto on my instagram

I will be e-mailing you to collect you mailing addresses 
and get your prizes sent to you right away. 
Thank you everyone who took the time 
to participate in my giveaway.


  1. Wow, so fun to see the show from your perspective! Your excitement shows through. I would have done exactly as you did, trying to soak it all up! Congrats lucky winners, so cool! Thanks for this great post, Autumn

  2. What a fabulous experience and again, huge congratulations to you for having so many of your wonderful projects on display at CHA! And thank you so much for that amazing giveaway win, I am over the moon to have won! I'll watch for your email, thanks so much, Deb xo P.S. I'd love to see a tutorial on everything you made for CHA, they are all fabulous!

  3. CHA looks incredible!! You got some great pics!! It must have been exciting/overwhelming all at the same time to be there! :) Congrats to the winners!! Deb, you are winning all over...maybe I should get you to buy me a lottery ticket!! LOL

  4. I love to see your works and mine together on the Idea ology panel! You made a lot of stunning projects , every piece is a great artwork! Barbara

  5. These are GREAT! Looks like it was a fantastic show. Thanks sooooo much for sharing the photos, they are SUPER!!!

  6. We were lucky to have you on our CHA team Vicki. A dream to work with. And I'm glad to have gotten to know you just a little bit better!

  7. Great to see CHA through your eyes - fabulous samples too!
    Alison x

  8. Love your works! I wish for a tutorial on the "Salvage" card

  9. Fabulous collection of CHA work . x


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