Ideology Sample - Carnival (M. Tibbitts)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It is a quarter to four on Sunday afternoon and I was meeting up with Tim in the Ideaology booth, before he needs to be at Ranger for a demonstration, to take our picture.  “You know where to look for a selfie right?”, Tim asks.  A brief awkward silence precedes my response, “I have never taken one.” (attempting selfies is just way – way, away - at the bottom of my to-do list).  He hoists my phone (in its ridiculously heavy wood and metal case) up; and starts taking pictures.  After 8 shots he hands my phone over to one of the ever-so lovely ladies working in the Ideology booth and asks them to take a couple pictures too.  Once I have my phone back he very casually adds, “One of these should be good…”. 

Of the ten pictures: 5 of them have me with my eyes closed (three of these with very lovely smiles and would otherwise have been fabulous), 3 are of us pulling funny faces (these are my favourites – I love some silliness), one was blurry, and the one you see here.  As forecast, “One of these [is] good…”. 

I have a collection of vintage circus and carnival things and is one of my best loved “for-my-own-enjoyment themes” to make.  I can’t wait for this project to make it home to join my collection.

Carnival (M. Tibbitts*)

Yield:  Mini Clip Board
Wet Ingredients:
  • Ink – Alcohol Mushroom; Distress Old Paper, Walnut Stain
  • Other – Distress Crayon Picket Fence, Walnut Stain
  • Other – Distress Collage (Crazing), Mixative (Silver & Snow Cap)
  • Markers  – Distress Candied Apple, Fossilized Amber, Hickory Smoke, Peeled Paint
  • Paint – Distress Candied Apple, Picket Fence
Dry Ingredients:
  • Cardstock – Etcetera Paper Stash
  • Hardware – Adornment (Stars), Fluted Fastener, Game Spinner, Long Fastener, Mini Clip Board, Typography
  • Other – Eclectic Elements Craft Thread
  • Paperie – Base Board, Design Tape (Butterfly), Ephemera (Snippets), Layers (Collection), Paper Dolls, Pocket Card Pieces, Stickers (Clippings), Typography
  • Stencils –  Mini Star
*M. Tibbitts is on one of the new clippings stickers, it never made it on to this project (though i tried very hard to work it in), but I cannot think of this man, in his very dashing striped pants, with any other name.


  1. The selfie is awesome - Tim is very photogenic! And your piece - all the layers and I really like the feeling lucky!!! You are talented and lucky to get to put pieces together for TeamTim!!!

  2. Absolutely LOVE it. The textures and colors are so great. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, and the selfie is too cute.

  3. LOVE this, and what a great photo too. LOVE the reds in this with all the vintage goodness!

  4. Great photo with a wonderful memory and a fab project.
    Julie x

  5. Fantastic! You do composition and layers so well.


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