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Monday, March 16, 2020

I started this tag at home but never got it finished before I left on my drive to Phoenix.  I had planned a trip to Hobby Lobby and a late night of hotel crafting with my roommate (and partner in crime Zoe aka Louise). It ended up being finished our first day in Prescott at what has to be my favourite crafting day ever!  Prior to our play day, I had confessed to Zoe that I was terrified of making a mess; like getting spray stains all over everything at the house, I am a terribly messy maker. 

I attached the fabulous vintage plate, from tim's stash, using the tacks from vignette hardware right through the tag and affixed to Mario's very lovely packing table. #nailedit  (thank goodness there's a video capturing my misdoing - filled with great commentary for posterity LOL). A silly spray stain mess couldn't have competed with this good a story.


For an absolutely fabulous detailed telling of our adventures you can see and read all about us in this beautiful photo essay by Zoe. 

(click here)

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