trees 4 sale

Thursday, December 23, 2021

trees 4 sale

Yield: 1- Large Vignette Box

Wet Ingredients:

Ink – Alcohol Mushroom; Distress Brushed Corduroy, Walnut Stain

Other – Collage Medium (matte); Crackle Paste; Embossing Pen

Crayon – Distress Walnut Stain

Embossing Glaze – Distress Fossilized Amber, Peeled Paint, Rustic Wilderness, Tattered Rose, Walnut Stain

Paint – Distress Ground Espresso, Picket Fence

Spray Stain – Distress Fossilized Amber, Peeled Paint, Rustic Wilderness

Mica Spray Stain – Distress Holly Branch

Dry Ingredients:

Foundations – Vignette Boxes, Vignette Trays

Paper – Backdrops (Christmas), Baseboards (Christmas), Ephemera (Christmas), Layers (Christmas), Paper Dolls (Christmas)

Hardware – Hardware Heads, Ruler Pieces, Tin Tops, Tiny Clips, Vignette Hardware

Other – Mini Marquee, Remnant Rubs (Christmas), Tiny Lights (Christmas), Woodland Trees, Woodland Tree Lot

Ribbons – Cotton String


Other – Cling Film, Hammer, Heat Tool, Palette Knife, Rubber Bands, Splat Box, Steel Wool, Tin Snips

The inspiration for this project all started with a piece of paper–one of the new Christmas Backdrops.  With so many fabulous pieces in this year’s Ideology Christmas release, every package I opened seemed to have the perfect ‘something’ to keep telling this story.


It takes two of the smallest vignette boxes to make the tree bins.  I (carefully) broke one of the long edges of the box 

and reattached it with collage medium across the box opening.



The boxes were all crusted with crackle paste; once dry and cracked I rubbed the vignette boxes and tray with steel wool

 to pull off chunks and pieces to make them look more worn and brushed with a very diluted coat of Ground Espresso Paint

 (when diluted the green tones that make up this colour really come out).

The Backdrops, Ephemera and Layers were all glued down with collage medium.  Remnant Rubs were added, 

and the Baseboard pointy finger (my favourite!) everything got coated with collage medium and grunged up 

with some Distress Walnut Stain Crayon.


The corners of the Tin Tops were cut using tin snips and the edges folded back, hammered flat and finished with 

Hardware Heads and some Mushroom Alcohol Ink.

  The trees were sprayed with Peeled Paint and Rustic Wilderness Spray Stain to have mottled trees. These were all finished with 
the new Holly Branch Mica Spray Stain for a frosty looking shimmer (love these sprays looking forward to the
 next seasonal release–fingers crossed). To help fold up the branches, while the trees were still damp (not wet) I wrapped
 them in cling film and wound them with rubber bands and left them to dry. Once dry they were all wound up with string.

The paper doll was coloured using Distress Embossing glazes. I rubbed a little steel wool over it to dull some of the shine.  

I absolutely love the yellow (Fossilized Amber) work gloves turned out (nostalgic moments) and the Ruler Piece 

was made a distressed yellow to match (I miss these rulers in the ideology line).

 The screw eyes from the vignette hardware were randomly placed in the top of the vignette tray and the coloured tiny lights 

loosely strung through the eyes and pulled down to create swags. I wanted it to look thrown together so even the extra 

tail of lights didn’t get trimmed to fit.  The Mini Marquee letters were brushed with a little Picket Fence and hung from the 

Tiny Lights with Mini Clips (HUGE THANK YOU to Tim for the last-minute adjustments on the tree lot sign

–I know how hard it was to get my fingers in the light stand with the letters and the mini clips) 

photo credit Tim Holtz

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