Holiday Lumber Yard

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Holiday Lumber Yard

Yield: 1 Vignette-ed Dome

Wet Ingredients:

Ink – Alcohol Mushroom, Rust; Distress Frayed Burlap, Walnut Stain

Other – Collage Medium (matte); Grit Paste (translucent);

Crayons – Distress Candied Apple, Walnut Stain

Paint – Distress Brushed Corduroy, Candied Apple

Spray Stain –Distress Walnut Stain

Dry Ingredients:

Tag/Structure –Reliquary Dome; Square Vignette

Card Stock – Christmas Backdrops

Hardware – Christmas Pinecones, Christmas Word Plaques, Memo Pins, Mini Hardware Set, Salvaged Deer, Tack Nails

Paperie – Christmas Baseboards; Christmas Ephemera; Christmas Layers

Other – Carpenter Pencils, Tiny Lights, Woodland Trees & Tree Lot

Ribbon –Eclectic Elements Thread


Other – Collage Brush, Media Mat, Sandpaper (80), Steel Wool, Texture Hammer

























  1. What was the purpose of the resist spray on the trees if you then sprayed them with distress spray? Does it give a mottled effect?

  2. Replies
    1. Another beautiful make, loving all the brown and the tiny lights backlighting is perfection. Love, Love, Love.


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