Alcohol Lift-Ink (& mixative)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Alcohol Lift-Ink (& mixative) tutorial

Time: <1 hour
Yield:  1 - #8 Tag (will most like be added to a card)
Wet Ingredients:
  • Ink – Alcohol Botanical, Mushroom, Patina, Rust; Alcohol Lift Ink
  • Other – Clear Gesso; Gunmetal & Silver Mixative 
  • Paint – Distress Black Soot
  • Re-Inkers – Alcohol Lift-Ink
Dry Ingredients:
  • Cardstock – YUPO Heavy Stock
  • Blending Tool (with both felt & foam)
  • Dies – Tag & Bookplate
  • Stamps – Big Block Numbers
  • Stamp Platform
  • Stencils – Stitched 



let the magic begin... 
 following tim's instructions for using lift-ink the
first stamp and lift will look like it didn't work
 the second application is magical



 i float the alcohol inks on a lot (a lot) of water
 i added the black soot to dingy it up a bit, the stamped
 colour will be much brighter if you omit this step


  this lift is all about putting ink on the stamp
 tim was right, i love how 
imperfect the transfer of colour is


...another idea tried, more ideas to test.


  1. Freaking love this my friend. Love your creative mind. <3

  2. Wow! That’s a really cool technique Vicki!! Amazing grungy texture. Love it!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so awesome! Your experiments are so inspiring, thank you for sharing your crazy amazing piece!

  4. Holy moly!!! That’s it I am joining the world of alcohol inks now!! This is seriously amazing!!

  5. I thought Tim said in one of his videos that the lift wouldn't work on metallics? Looks good anyway.

  6. Really amazing techniques. Love your experimentation ... creativity at its best!!! -- Mary Elizabeth

  7. A whole new level!!! Jaw on floor moments right there. LOVE it Vicki!!!

  8. Whoah, This is AMAZING!!!great tutorial and a fabulous effect xx

  9. Wow, wow, wow, that green layer is amazing!!!

  10. This is amazing! You are the master of distress!

  11. This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing the steps in how you created it.

  12. Fabulous...and love the tip with the water...never done that!


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