Steampunk Lumberjack

Friday, November 25, 2022

Steampunk Lumberjack

Yield: 1 Vignette Assemblage

Wet Ingredients:

Ink – Alcohol Mushroom; Distress Walnut Stain

Other – Collage Medium (matte)

Watercolour Pencils – Distress Candied Apple (set 3)

Paint – Distress Candies Apple, Krylon Short Shots (flat Black)

Dry Ingredients:

Tag/Structure – Christmas Curio Clock; Vignette Boxes Large Square and Rectangle, Black Foamcore

Card Stock – Christmas Backdrops

Hardware – Christmas Shape Seals, Gadget Gears, Gauge Frames, Industrial Gears, Jump Rings, Machinery Heads, Mini Gears, Lantern, Salvaged Deer, Tack Nails, Tiny Bells

Paperie – Christmas Baseboards; Christmas Collage Tiles, Christmas Ephemera; Christmas Layers, Christmas Paper Dolls, Gauge Dials

Other – Christmas Design Tape, Label Stickers Christmas, Remnant Rubs Christmas, Christmas Tiny Lights, Wood Slices, Wood Blocks, Wooden Spools

Ribbon – Linen Tape, Red Thread


Other – Media Mat, Sandpaper (80), Steel Wool

I often change my mind in the middle of making. In this project lots of things I was going to make black I changed my mind to red and vice versa so there are idea-ology pieces that are one colour and then another colour (I used two different pieces; I didn’t paint the same one over again). 

Everything that is black is sprayed with the flat black spray paint (I like how quickly this dries) and I didn’t take pictures of everything as I painted it black.  If it is metal made black it was sprayed, rubbed with some steel wool, and then dabbed with Mushroom Alcohol Ink. 

I am a VERY messy painter and am missing photos of thing going from metal to red, I had so much red paint all over my fingers and then all over my camera (this made me see red, literally) and red is terrible to try and clean up. So… everything that is red is painted with 2 coats of Distress Candied Apple Paint, the same steel wool rub to reveal and dab of Mushroom Alcohol ink.  

This is the clock radio I made earlier this year.
It uses the same base boxes and the new black curio clock, and I love this layout.
So, I made a Lumberjack "clock radio" for Christmas.











I discovered that the standing deer fit in the gauge frame and I liked this better than my original idea of having it lay in front. 
I sprayed extra gears while I was at it because I know I'll use them 



A little steel wool and the glossy red curio clock matches the other red embellishments.





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