8: mini mechanics

Sunday, October 24, 2021

8: mini mechanics

 Yield: 1- #8 Tag

Wet Ingredients:

Ink –Alcohol, Dijon, Mojito, Mushroom, Slate, Teakwood, Valencia

Other – Collage Medium (matte)

Dry Ingredients:

Foundation – #8 Etcetera Tag

Card Stock – Metallic Kraft Stock (black & gold)

Hardware – Chain, Industrial Gears, Jump Ring


Dies – Candlelight, Pumpkin Patch

Embossing – 3D Lumber, 3D Mini Mechanics

Other – Foam Tape, Steel Wool

Thank you Paula for the idea to make metal wood! One Lucky Day

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  1. He is hilarious....so love it...hahahaha....a gear eating "Great Pumpkin" Charlie Brown...LOL.

  2. This is totally amazing! Love, love it๐Ÿ’•

  3. Stunning, the colouring in this is fantastic the ideas as amazing as ever

  4. this s very cool - I love the layered detail of the pumpkin "parts" - the addition of the candle is perfection.


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