9: wicked hipster

Saturday, October 23, 2021

9: wicked hipster

 Yield: 1- #8 Tag

Wet Ingredients:

Ink – Archival Black Soot, Vintage Photo; Distress Old Paper, Pumice Stone, Twisted Citron, Villainous Position, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain

Spray – Distress Mica Stain Bubbling Cauldron, Crooked Broomstick

Dry Ingredients:

Foundation – #8 Etcetera Tag

Card Stock – Mixed Media Heavy Stock, Kraft Stock (Blackout)

Hardware – Layers (urban), Loop Pin

Other – Mica


Adhesive – Scor-Tape (1/8” and ½”), Media Tape (blank)

Dies – Layered Tags

Other – Craft Scraper, Design Ruler, Guillotine Cutter, Media Mat, Stamp Platform

Stamps/Stencils – Wicked Hipster










this is going to involve some craft maths...
we need the image to be as wide as the substrate. Etcetera tags are 3 1/8" wide but
 I don't want to count in 1/8" bits, so to keep it easy I am pretending that it is only 3".
using the design ruler I can easily see where the 3" for the image needs to start and stop.
it will take 12 - 1/4"trips to equal 3" but I want a little insurance so I will be cutting 13.
top account for the 13th strip i will add 1/8" to each side, by trimming 1/4" off the left side
I will be starting my first strip at 1 5/8" from my center point (this is the last time of the 1/8 thinking)
using the grid on the guillotine cutter you will get perfect 1/4" strips.  
If you read your lines  fat or lean it won't matter as long you do it consistently. 
I number one set of strips and lettered the other.





i really like the media tape for this (in my 2014 post i used washi and it works just fine) 
the wide roll just covers a lot of territory quickly and makes less seams.
use the scraper to burnish the tape to the paper, even if you think  your good, do it once more.



back in 2014 I had made another tag like this, the steps up to this point are very similar
October 2014
this assembly is much, much easier than my previous method
now...i only use tape on the sides and a band top and bottom that will hide under the folds.
lay the accordion folded paper on the tag and place the outer edges firmly into the tape.

using a pointed tool adjust the peaks & valleys until they are spaced evenly, 
only when you are ready press along the tape strip.



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  1. Jeepers - you've more patience than I have! Amazing effect... very cool.
    Alison x

  2. Ok, this is my favorite!! I must try this! You're such an inspiration girlie!

  3. Ok, this is my favorite!! I must try this! You're such an inspiration girlie!

  4. I have been waaaaitiiiinnnng on this one...this is a deifinte must try...love it!!!

  5. I love this so much I just had to try it out Vicki, nowhere as good as yours but I am happy enough with the result, thanks so much for sharing the details! x

  6. This one is a stunner and the mica is perfection

  7. well you and I both know this is pure genius...just saying.


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